Mission Statement: Antioch Christian Academy, a Christ-centered academic program of excellence, exists to support actively involved parents in their God given responsibility to train their children to glorify God and to be fully equipped as moral, intelligent, productive, and responsible citizens to serve and witness to the world in which they live.

Antioch Christian AcademyParents, if you read carefully the Mission Statement of Antioch Christian Academy you will see a vital message to you specifically.  God has chosen to give you precious children that can become living Temples for our living Lord to indwell one day.  Our responsibility is to come alongside you and support your God given responsibility to "raise up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." It is our desire to be exactly what God has planned for you and your children.

We want and need your time and energy to get involved with your child's education throughout the course of the school year.  We are excited to have you enter into field trips, lunch with your children, and any other ways you are able to support us in completing our Mission Statement.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in training up your children.

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