Parent Teacher Fellowship 

Purpose of the PTF

The purpose of PTF is to support the ACA mission by serving as a service organization to aid the Academy and its families. PTF works in partnership with the ACA school Board, administration, faculty, and staff to accomplish agreed-upon goals. PTF is dedicated to promoting the spiritual and educational success of ACA students through building a strong school-home relationship.

Membership in the PTF

Parents who have enrolled their children in the Academy, faculty and staff members are Board members are members of the PTF. An invitation to include friends and relatives who are interested in the objectives of the Academy may be extended by the ACA Board. These people would need to be in agreement with the philosophy, objectives, and doctrinal statement of the Academy.

Meeting of the PTF

PTF meetings are held once or twice a month as determined by necessity. Each meeting will have a clearly defined purpose, fulfilling the Academy’s goals and objectives. Meetings are to be publicized well in advance.

Officers of the PTF

The officers of the PTF should be parents of ACA students, but not members of the ACA Board. Persons seeking office should prayerfully consider their service as a ministry. There should be at least four officers: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The nomination and election of president and one other officer should occur in the school year preceding their term of office. Offices may be filled in the current year, if they are left open, or to replace an officer, in case of resignation. The president and treasurer cannot be family members. All officers are members of the PTF Executive Committee.

  • President - The president presides at all PTF meetings. The president should meet with the Principal to finalize meeting agendas. The president will communicate with all PTF committees to ensure that the business of the PTF is proceeding in a timely manner. The president will give notice of all PTF meetings to school families and staff members. The president will carry out any other duties that pertain to the office.
  • Vice President - The vice president performs the duties of president in his/her absence and assists the president in whatever duties are designated by the president, or decided by the Executive Committee.
  • Secretary - The secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the PTF and Executive Committee. Copies of the minutes of all meetings should be given to the principal soon after each meeting. The secretary will conduct all necessary correspondence for the PTF. The secretary should have custody of all records and documents of the PTF and of the Executive Committee, except such final records retained by the treasurer. Custody of all records and documents will be submitted to the ACA Board no later than May 10th of each year.
  • Treasurer - The treasurer has responsibility and custody of all PTF funds and securities. The treasurer must keep a record of all receipts and disbursements and make a report at each annual and regular meeting of the PTF. The treasurer must not write checks or release any funds without consent of the Executive Committee. The books of the treasurer should be open at all times to the inspection of the Executive Committee the PTF, and the ACA Board. A final annual report, including assets, debts, paid and outstanding, and itemized account expenses, must be submitted to the ACA Board no later than May 10th of each year. This report will be used for the preparation of the next year’s PTF budget proposal.

Committees of the PTF

  • The Executive Committee - The Executive Committee includes the PTF officers, the school principal, a member of the ACA Board (if desired by the Board), and may include committee chairpersons. The Executive Committee should meet periodically throughout the year. Their primary duty is to articulate the goals of the PTF for the year, structure the plan to reach these goals, and to periodically examine and evaluate their actions. It is the responsibility of this committee to present in a timely manner a summary of proposed projects/activities at the beginning of the school year for ACA Board approval.
  • Other Committees - Committees of the PTF are formed as needed to carry out the goals of PTF. Committees will be formed in the fall and meet periodically throughout the year. Committee responsibilities are to set annual goals for projects/activities, plan the steps to meet those goals, and to periodically examine and evaluate the committee’s actions. Committee reports will be given at PTF meetings as needed. All records and documents of committee proceedings will be submitted to the Principal or ACA Board no later than May 10 of each school year. Examples of committees are: Amazing Race, Spring Auction, Land Run, Book Fair, etc.

Fundraising Profits

Profits generated from PTF sponsored fundraisers and /or projects will be spent on items which ultimately benefit the Academy and its students. One half of the total PTF profits (up to a pre-determined amount set annually) shall be placed in the general ACA budget and the remaining half of the profits will be used to accomplish the set goals and activities determined and approved by the PTF and the ACA Board.

Activities of the PTF

The functions and activities of the PTF should be designed to aid the Academy, support its academic programs, get all parents involved, and should be performed in the best interest of the students. The Executive Committee and PTF members are encouraged to use creativity in planning many different activities. Goals for activities are established and evaluated annually, regarding their effectiveness in supporting the Academy mission. The list which follows includes a few examples:

  • Holding regular meetings.
  • Hosting fund-raising, ex. Amazing Race, Spring Auction, Book Fair.
  • Organizing special events, ex. Thanksgiving Feast, Land Run, Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Serving as Room Parents for classrooms.
  • Organizing a school prayer chain and/or meeting

Foundation of the PTF

God’s Holy Word is the sole foundation for all activities, plans, and purposes of this organization. These guidelines are adapted in part from the Association of Christian Schools International Resources, “Manual for School Accreditation for Christian Elementary and Secondary Schools”, written by Peter W. Teague, pages 127-133. “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, ...” Ephesians 6:7

This document was written and approved prior to 2005. This is the first revision, approved in October of 2009

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