Here at ACA we enjoy having the opportunity to teach the students how to use technology in multiple ways.


To learn is to pursue understanding. To teach is to encourage and enable the pursuit of understanding. The focus of the iPad program at ACA is to provide necessary tools and resources for a progressive learning environment characterized by flexibility, collaboration, personalization, creativity, and technology-rich learning. At ACA, technology will be integrated throughout the educational program in a seamless and timely fashion. The iPad setting empowers students and teachers to use technology like adults do in the real world, accessing and using purposeful technology-based tools anytime a task calls for them. 

Computer Lab

In computer lab, students learn how to properly care for a computer and how to search on the internet safely. We study in several programs within Microsoft Office. We use Word, Excel, Publisher, and Power Point to complete assignments. 

Students begin typing in second grade. They learn the home-row position on the keyboard and start to practice. Our average eighth grader leaves ACA typing around 40wpm, with a few topping out between 60-80wpm! 

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